Why is Remote Identification Important?

Why is Remote Identification Important?

Today, it is possible to perform many transactions without the need for face-to-face communication. Completing remote shopping, money transfers, insurance activities and many other transactions remotely greatly facilitates the work of users. However, in remote transactions, identifying and verifying the identity of the person making the transaction is an important issue in terms of security. So, why are remote identification and authentication processes so important? Let's take a look.

Is Remote Identification Different From Traditional Methods?

While remote identification and verification, different applications are carried out from traditional methods. Some of the differences between the traditional method and electronic and remote identification are as follows:

  • While in the traditional method, the person has to personally go to the institution she wants to be a customer of, there is no such obligation in remote identification.
  • In the traditional method, identification is done by the relevant employees of the institution, while the data is audited and verified electronically in remote identification processes. This helps to eliminate human factor errors in the authentication process.
  • Another difference between remote identification and authentication applications from traditional applications is that data cannot be denied and falsified thanks to mathematical proofs created electronically.
  • It is much more difficult to prove identification and verification processes based on human communication in later processes than electronic applications.
  • It is extremely reliable and practical to get confirmation at the post-processing stage in digital, remote identification and authentication processes.

Why Digital Authentication?

In the digital environment, remote identification and verification provides advantages for institutions. By using this method, customer acquisition can be realized, and it becomes extremely easy to provide security for the transactions of existing customers. Let's consider the situation through a small scenario. In the past years, it was possible to come across the news of many people who disguised and made bank transactions in order to withdraw their deceased parent's salary. At this point, it is proven that the human factor can be insufficient during on-site identification. In addition, the imitability of the wet signature is revealed. However, electronic identification processes allow such fraud attempts to be neutralized easily. Multi-factor systems and biometric data used for identification greatly increase the reliability of digital identification.

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Why Is It Important to Use Remote Authentication Applications?

It is a very functional choice to use remote identification and authentication solutions in order to keep up with the developing technology, accelerate customer acquisition processes and increase customer satisfaction in remote services. However, it is of great importance to prefer remote identification and verification systems to ensure the security of remote customer acquisition processes and transactions, especially in banking.

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