Becoming an Offshore Bank Customer: A Tale of Remote Customer Acquisition

Acquiring consumers from afar allows you to reach a potentially infinite number of people. It now takes only a few minutes to open a bank account, log in to an app, or digitally sign a contract using just your face as a form of identification, even when at sea, thanks to the prevalence of modern biometric authentication methods. In this article, we'll tell you a short story about how remote customer acquisition works. Let's take a closer look at what customers and businesses experience and what they gain from these processes.

Remote Customer Acquisition and Why It Matters to Businesses

Changes made possible by technical advancements have unlocked a plethora of new channels via which firms may attract new customers. Legislation published in 2021 cleared the path toward client acquisition using remote authentication. These kinds of massive losses were avoided during the epidemic by those banks with robust enough technology infrastructure. The app's usefulness and efficiency opened the path for similar methods of acquiring customers remotely to be used in other sectors. It is now possible to deliver remote services in monetary transaction apps, e-commerce platforms, and even government apps thanks to remote identification and authentication processes that are carried out in line with the law. Businesses and organizations can benefit in the following ways from this situation:

  • Advantage of being able to serve customers continuously around the clock
  • The highest level of protection for all remote service transactions
  • Guaranteeing non-repudiation in transactions through identification based on recorded digital data
  • Reducing the work burden of staff
  • Improving service quality through practical and efficient processes

Customers Like the Convenience of Remote Services

Not only can client acquisition operations that may be performed remotely generate revenue for organizations, but they also make many types of transactions more convenient for customers. More and more individuals can open bank accounts from the convenience of their smartphones. As a bonus, this technique may be used for transferring funds, making online purchases, and even buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

After all these steps are taken care of, users with electronic signatures may sign the required papers in the digital environment to formally close off their transactions. In a nutshell, remote identification and authentication benefit both the company and the client.

Being an Offshore Bank Customer, Not From Home

Let's break down those geographical barriers. Let's take a step back and explore the benefits of remote authentication from the client's standpoint.

We all know that long-distance captains often have to spend months at sea. At first look, it may seem unlikely that the captain will be able to take advantage of financial services during these lengthy journeys. The use of remote identification and verification tools makes this a breeze, though. You can become a bank customer anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a mobile device.

Let's pretend the captain wishes to create an account at a financial institution where he has never worked. If a user wishes to use his smartphone to make a video call to the bank, he must first go through the required security checks. A passport or government-issued ID will be needed for these procedures. Here's how the authentication procedure proceeds from there:

  • OCR technology is first used to verify the authenticity of the ID or passport. The method consists of two steps, the first of which is reading the document from the front and the second from the back.
  • During the second phase, the NFC chip is scanned to access the biometric photographs stored on it. After that, a comparison is made between the captured image and the subject's real-life visage to determine the degree of match.
  • In the last phase, a one-of-a-kind technology comes into play, allowing for secure video calls as well as authentication.
  • After a quick conversation with a customer service representative and a vitality check of his face, the captain is on his way to becoming a client while his ship sails into open water.

In each of these steps, our long-distance captain will have the chance to become familiar with LiveAuth and LiveAuth Communicator – which provide:

  • With a success rate of 97% for face verification and 99.9% for ID card and passport verification, it ensures that transactions are safe.
  • Because the user's battery doesn't drain quickly, the procedure may continue without interruptions.
  • There won't be any battery heat-up or phone freeze-up to worry about.
e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

ArkSigner LiveAuth and LiveAuth Communicator Provide Exceptional Customer Service Anywhere

Thus, while keeping an eye on the open sea from the wheelhouse, our captain can conduct highly secure financial transactions in a matter of minutes, using only a smartphone.

If you want to provide your clients with the same service level as our long-distance captain, you should explore ArkSigner LiveAuth and LiveAuth Communicator immediately. Learn more about our solutions by getting in touch with us and take a step into the one-of-a-kind world of ArkSigner.