How to Sign Contracts with a Turkish ID Card?

Did you know that a Turkish ID card can be used to prove who you are and sign contracts? With the help of technologies meant to make people's lives easier and more comfortable, it is easy to verify a signature or an identity.

In this article, we'll tell you how to sign with just a chip Turkish ID card, how to check the identities of your customers, and how the ArkSigner ID Card Reader makes all this possible.

What Are the Ways to Sign Contracts with a Turkish ID Card?

According to the law, three different ways to sign a contract with a Turkish ID card exist. Here is a list of these ways:

Remote Signing with Contactless Chip

It is signed by remote identification, which the BRSA, the Central Bank, the CMB, and other institutions regulate. In this case, the contract is signed from a distance using the information in the contactless chip of the Turkish ID card, the person's selfie photos, and the information from their video calls. In this transaction, the electronic signature is not made by taking a mathematical value from the ID card. During remote identification of the person, a random number is used to do a mathematical signing.

For this process, you only need an NFC-capable smartphone or tablet with an iOS, Android, or Huawei operating system. In other words, the contactless chip on a Turkish ID makes it very easy to sign a contract.

Onsite Signing with Contact Chip and ID Card Certificate

Under the rules set out by the ICTA, companies in the electronic communication sector can sign subscription contracts at their branches using Turkish Identity Cards. In this case, the identity certificate that the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs put on the Turkish identity card is enough.

In other words, the transaction doesn't need a qualified e-Sign certificate. This is easy to do with the CCR or SCR card readers from ArkSigner.

e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

Onsite Signing with Contact Chip and e-Sign Certificate

With the help of the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070 and its supplementary rules, ECSPs can now easily sign documents with e-signature certificates stored on Turkish Identity Cards. So, qualified e-Sign Certificates (QCs) that are stored on Turkish ID cards can be used not only to sign subscription contracts in the electronic communications industry but also to sign any other legal document.

What are the Steps of Identification and Verification with the ID Card Reader?

To prove your identity with the ArkSigner ID card reader, you need to do the following:

  • Connect the ID card reader to a tablet, phone, or computer using a cable or Bluetooth.
  • Follow the steps needed to authenticate the application that belongs to the business. Choose the button with the digital signature.
  • When the card reader tells you to put your ID card in, put the chip side into the machine.
  • After the PIN warning appears on the tablet, phone, or computer screen, have the person to be identified enter the PIN code.
  • The PIN authentication process will then be finished.

How to Use an ID Card Reader to Sign a Document?

It is possible to sign documents with an ID card reader and the e-Sign certificate on a Turkish ID card. At this point, the card reader reads the certificate in the ID card's chip, and you can enter your PIN and sign. These applications, which involve signing a contract on-site with a contact chip, can be done with CCR and SCR products made by ArkSigner engineers. With a Bluetooth connection, CCR lets you do the transaction with or without contact. With an SCR cable connection, however, you can do the transaction quickly and easily.

To sign with a Turkish ID card using a card reader, it is also essential to use an e-Sign service that is easy to use and safe. The e-Sign service ensures that the ID card's certificate can be read safely. This makes it possible to sign documents in a digital setting. At this point, institutions and organizations can get a lot out of the VIA e-Sign service. Don't forget to check out the details on the VIA product page as well!

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