How to Make Your Business More Profitable with Remote Authentication Solutions?

Nowadays, many organizations, both private and public, provide their services online. The resulting streamlined process benefits both the business and its consumers. However, confirming the data's and the user's identity while maintaining security becomes a pressing concern in distant transactions. Remote identification and authentication can help avoid problems like impersonation fraud and stolen identities.

Do you know what benefits remote identification and authentication will bring to your company's practices? Let's take a closer look at the positive aspects of remote identification and authentication procedures for companies.

Which Industries Can Use Remote Authentication and Verification Solutions?

When it comes to ensuring the safety and efficiency of business and government procedures, digital identity and authentication processes are among the most reliable options available. Banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, factoring and leasing organizations, and other financial institutions may all benefit significantly from using remote identification methods. In addition to these, enterprises that provide customer service, such as contact centers, health care facilities, government organizations, municipalities, and ministries that offer online services, and so on, may find remote identity and authentication solutions to be preferable.

In Which Areas Can You Use Remote Identification and Authentication Solutions in Your Business?

Remote identification and authentication have several applications across industries, including the following:

  • For banks, remote customer acquisition and all internet transactions carried out remotely (including but not limited to account opening, applications, transfer, and payment operations).
  • Taking part in virtual meetings of the board of directors and the executive team.
  • E-Commerce and other types of sales require the identification and verifying of customers, merchants, and suppliers.
  • A In open banking transactions such as ATM, KIOSK, XTM.

What Do Remote Identification and Verification Processes Bring You In Your Services?

Businesses and government agencies alike are under increasing pressure to create remote services due to the increasing number of transactions that can now be completed in the digital realm. Benefits accrue to businesses, end-users, and consumers alike when tasks like these can be completed quickly and easily. Advantages of remote identification technologies for businesses and government entities include:

  • Time-saving: By using remote identification and authentication solutions, you spend much less time than in face-to-face transactions before.
  • High Level of Security: Comprehensive safety measures, including several authentications and identification phases.
  • Fraud Prevention: You can prevent fraudulent activities by distinguishing fake identity documents or passports.
  • Increasing the quality and security of remote customer service can positively change customer acquisition and sales rates.
  • By strengthening the e-meeting, e-Genel Kurul, and e-management processes, you can facilitate your corporate strategies and ensure the protection of company data.
e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

Why Should You Prefer LiveAuth for Remote Identification and Authentication?

If you want to increase the efficiency of your business with remote identification and verification solutions, you can choose LiveAuth, produced by ArkSigner with domestic facilities. Using LiveAuth, new Turkish passports and ID cards may be verified and used for identification purposes. In the first phase, LiveAuth uses NFC and OCR technology to verify the document's authenticity. Next, using live face control, it confirms the person's identity by comparing their face to the biometric images contained within the ID.

This procedure takes 8-10 seconds to complete and ensures a secure login for the consumer or user. Plus, you may tailor the authentication procedures and login choices to your needs by incorporating LiveAuth into your existing infrastructure.

ArkSigner LiveAuth provides actual safety for remote customer acquisition and other online services. Cutting down on wasted time will reduce your expenses. Get ahead of the competition and use it to your advantage. For an immediate free trial of our remote authentication service LiveAuth, please click here.