How Many Customers Have Banks Gained in 2022
Thanks to Remote Authentication?

One of the most significant conveniences of modern times is the ability to do financial transactions using mobile devices rather than visiting a physical location. Mobile banking has made opening accounts at new financial institutions a breeze. As a result of how far online banking has progressed, you no longer have to visit a physical bank or waste time looking for an open branch. The technologies also cut the workload of bank personnel in half.

Since the elimination of unnecessary paperwork and communication traffic, the quality of banking services has dramatically improved. So, how is this completed safely and securely, safeguarding sensitive information from both banks and their customers? Let us go to the point and answer your question: Secured Remote Authentication!

Why Should Banks Prefer Remote Authentication Methods?

If you want to know who will conduct business via mobile means and digital approaches, remote authentication is the way to go. With digital data and cutting-edge technology, these tasks, which workers previously performed, may be completed. Reading documents, checking the vital signs of a person's face, and other forms of biological proof are all considerably more convenient and secure than older techniques. Remote customer acquisition describes the process of acquiring clients using various channels. Banking is just one industry that can benefit greatly from automating customer acquisition processes.

What are the Advantages of Remote Customer Acquisition over Traditional Methods?

It is much more advantageous than traditional methods to achieve customer acquisition remotely, which is the most basic goal of all businesses, with digital methods. Let's take a quick look at these advantages:

  • Much more reliable, thanks to enhanced security features.
  • Compared to human-powered authentication methods, the error margin does not exist.
  • It saves customers from the hassle of going to the branch and waiting in queue.
  • It helps to eliminate the possibility of fraud and forgery.
  • It allows to increase the quality of bank services.
  • l It minimizes the workload of the employees. required for on-site identification.

How Many Customers Do Banks Gain Thanks to Remote Identity Detection?

Since the BRSA's most recent rulemaking, banks have relied more on remote customer acquisition. Nowadays, no one with a banking position ever considers walking into a branch first. A new bank client's priority should be reducing their banking time using digital and mobile solutions.

According to research conducted by the Banks Association of Turkey, the new legal requirements for customer acquisition operations will soon surpass the more conventional approaches. Official data suggests that between May and July of 2021, 712,000 customers accessed their banks remotely using customer acquisition methods. There was a net increase of 193,000 new bank clients. In the first few months of 2022, remote customer acquisition statistics nearly quadrupled because of a deeper grasp of the system and its benefits. Between December and February 2022, 1 million 400 thousand people applied to banks remotely and 398 thousand people became bank customers in this way.

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The Most Reliable Solution for Remote Customer Acquisition: LiveAuth

What is the most reliable and functional solution of remote customer acquisition for banks? Undoubtedly, ArkSigner LiveAuth!

With LiveAuth, you can authenticate a user by looking at their ID, passport, or even face. This service allows opening a bank account from any location with a mobile device. Secure video conversations may also be made thanks to the identity solution's use of LiveAuth Communicator. Because of its several layers of protection, financial transactions involving LiveAuth and LiveAuth Communicator are extremely difficult to forge. Also, no one outside the company is ever made aware of the customers' identities. As a result, the LiveAuth family creates an easygoing environment for financial institutions and their customers.

Learn about your options for remote authentication using LiveAuth and LiveAuth Communicator. To learn more about this product, please visit our details page and schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable staff.