What If It's Not Signed! How Do You Detect Valid Signatures on Electronic Documents?

The whole world is now aware of the ease and benefits of using an electronic signature. Get a functional infrastructure, edit the document, preview the document you are editing and sign in a few easy steps. Creating an e-signed document is that easy. The reliable side of e-Signature is that it is completely unfalsifiable and based on numerical data. However, every e-Signature may not always have legal validity. At this point, expired certificates or fake e-Signatures can put users in a difficult situation.

At this stage, e-Signature verification is an indispensable solution for users and businesses. Checking whether there is an e-Signature on the document before it is officially processed, and verifying whether the e-Signature is valid and legal is a very critical issue in document follow-up. So, how is e-Signature document verification done in a reliable way? Here are some usage stories and practical solutions for you!

Is the Contract Attached to the Mail Officially Signed?

As it is known, all processes in sales departments are carried out via e-mails. Offers, sales contracts, documents declaring debt and all other documents are sent between individuals via e-mail. Let's say you're a sales professional and you receive a happy email from a customer you've been talking to for months that the contract has been signed. The attached document will bring a great profit for your company. You clicked on the attached PDF document. Now how can you be 100% sure that the contract has been approved by an official authority with a valid signature?

We know a very simple and highly secure way to verify signatures on signed contracts that come to you: Open Look Sign. Upload the document you received to Open Look Sign and find out in seconds whether there is a valid e-Signature on the document. Now both you and your business have won!

News came from Human Resources. So, Is Your Consent Form Officially Signed?

In the field of human resources, e-Signature is an extremely functional and secure solution. Before moving on to our usage story, let's remind you that you can find out how e-Signature is used in the field of human resources in detail in this article.

Now let's come to our story: Maybe you plan your annual leave from the winter months every year. Your flight ticket hotel reservation is ready months in advance. You filled out the consent form and sent it to your manager for official approval. Since your manager will be abroad at that time, he has to sign your form remotely. According to the news you received from the human resources department, your annual leave has been approved and signed by your manager with e-Signature. So what do you need to do to make sure the document is officially processed?

Upload your e-Signed consent form to Open Look Sign, check whether there is a valid e-Signature in the document using the signature verification option. After you see the "Document is e-Signed" statement, you can continue with the preparations for your holiday with peace of mind.

e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

How to Perform e-Signature Verification Against the Possibility of Forgery in Red Prescriptions?

Signing prescriptions in the health sector is a critical issue for both individual and public health. Thanks to the e-Prescription system in Turkey, all medicines are written digitally and approved by doctors. With the electronic signature, which offers much more secure solutions compared to the wet signature, red prescriptions can be signed, in which only drugs sold under the supervision of a doctor are written. The provision of these drugs outside the doctor's prescription means that crimes that pose a serious risk to the society, such as drug production, are facilitated. So, what should a pharmacist do in order to know for sure that the red prescription he comes across is signed by a doctor with a valid e-Signature?

The most secure and practical solution to this extremely risky situation is to perform signature verification with Open Look Sign. Thanks to this process, which is carried out both easily and very quickly, it is almost a child's play to eliminate the possibility of forgery in the prescription!

Choose Open Look Sign to create a workflow, sign documents in seconds, and verify signed documents. Discover our free demo product for 15 days to experience the most secure signature in the cloud right away! You can also visit our fees and packages page to review e-Signature prices.