What Can Change in Using ID Card Readers in Cargo Delivery?

Identification and authentication processes are the most effective way to provide security in almost all transactions. Identification is an element that protects both business processes, businesses and customers when purchasing a product, bank transactions, money transfers and even when receiving products by courier.

Now let's focus on identity verification in cargo and electronic shopping processes. Current applications, on the other hand, are generally in the form of receiving an SMS password or a wet signature on deliveries. So, are these methods really safe enough? What would change in terms of security and functionality if smart ID card readers were used in these processes?

Let's take a look at the importance of practical and highly secure authentication processes in cargo deliveries by examining the processes from top to bottom. At this point, let's consider ID card readers as a solution.

If you're ready, we're scrutinizing identification in remote sales and purchases!

How Does Card Reader Identity Detection Benefit For Those Who Buy Products On The Internet?

The most popular shopping habit of the last period is undoubtedly internet shopping. Users can find all their needle-to-thread needs in online stores and marketplaces. Internet shopping is highly preferred all over the world due to its wide range of options, discounts, ease of transportation and many other reasons. It is possible to shop for everything on the internet, such as clothes, books, food. For example, electronic products that are sold at very high prices can also be purchased online.

It is extremely annoying that the products purchased by the users who buy technological devices from the Internet are delivered to the wrong address or to the wrong person. Even if this does not cause a direct loss, it can start a long struggle with cargo, companies, online stores and marketplaces.

In cargo deliveries, the probability of delivery to the wrong person is almost zero when authentication is made with technological ID card readers. Cargo card readers operate a much more detailed detection process than showing instant identification to the cargo company personnel.

During identification with the ID card reader, first the validity of the identity document is checked and the information in the card is verified. Then, the transaction is completed with the PIN information to ensure that the card is really in the right person. Thanks to high technology, identity verification can be made with the probability of error close to zero.

How Does Card Reader Identity Detection Benefit for Internet Sellers?

Another pillar of internet shopping is, of course, those who sell the product. For institutions and individuals who sell products produced or procured at a certain cost via the internet, the correct identification and verification process is important for gaining customer trust as well as protecting from damages.

For example, the inability to deliver a product from the seller's side to the right buyer brings along a very complex process for the company or the person. Providing return communication, withdrawing the wrongly sent product and directing it to the right buyer may cause material and moral problems for the seller. If customers think that the problem is caused by the seller, even if it is related to transportation, it may cause a decrease in trust in the brand. Of course, no seller wants to stay in such a situation!

If high-security identification was made using card readers, the seller would not have lost time, effort and customers. In addition, customers may choose to shop from the same seller again after the fully functioning e-Commerce process. Thus, the seller can increase his profitability by providing customer loyalty.

e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

The Use of ID Card Readers in Cargo Delivery Processes is Extremely Practical!

Authentication with ID card readers is an extremely practical and secure option in e-commerce processes. During the authentication phase, card readers that can make contactless transactions and connect to mobile devices via bluetooth should be used.

At this point, it is necessary to try ArkSigner Combo Card Reader. Because this card reader is one of a kind! It detects identity and even makes it possible to sign with an ID card. In other words, ArkSigner Combo Card Reader is perfect for use in cargo deliveries! You can visit our page for detailed information about the product.

ArkSigner Combo Card Reader can be used not only for cargo deliveries, but also for on-site authentication at dealers and branches, membership and subscription processes, and large goods procurement processes. Contact us for card readers and other solutions!