To Multiple Apps With One Tap
5 Benefits of Gaining Access

Online applications make up a large part of our lives. Smart devices also allow us to take these applications wherever we go. Access to each platform, from public official transactions to document signing processes, from games to shopping applications, is done with multi-factor identification methods for security reasons. Username, ID number, password, SMS password, e-mail verification, even a single application can take minutes. And as the number of applications increases, the login process turns into an adventure.

Well, wouldn't our lives be easier if we could access multiple apps with a single login method? What if we only used our fingerprint or palm for this login? Now let's take a look at the 5 benefits we will get when we use all applications in this way!

1. Login to Apps in Seconds

Even to enter any application, it is necessary to follow the user name, password information and similar verification steps. Also, when different user names and passwords come into play, our hands often go to the "Forgot Password" button. However, with fingerprint and palm reading technology, such a possibility is almost nonexistent.

Enter your username and place your finger on the fingerprint reader you have connected to your computer. So seconds will be enough to access the application!

2. Make Sure No One Can Access Your Private Data Other Than You

The areas where digital applications are used today also allow the storage of financial or personal critical data. High security is of great importance when accessing applications where credit card and bank information, identity information, photos, videos, private correspondence or corporate documents are kept confidential. Otherwise, the misuse of all this critical information is an extremely frightening prospect.

Using personal biological data when entering applications is one of the most effective ways to protect data. Thanks to new technologies, you can log in to applications using your fingerprint. In addition, using the manual verification method is extremely practical and fast. Thus, a high-security experience awaits users.

e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

3. Avoid “Forgot Password” Steps

When you forget the passwords set for logging into mail applications, social media accounts or business systems, it is necessary to follow long steps to set a new password. These steps mean both a waste of time and extra effort. You do not need to be exposed to these steps when verifying with fingerprint or manually. Thanks to this technology, you will always carry your most secure and unbreakable password with you.

4. Manage Your Corporate Processes More Systematically

In addition to the benefits it creates in individual transactions, you can also make your corporate processes much more systematic by verifying with fingerprint and manually. For example, you can shorten document signing and document tracking times by enabling all your employees to log in to the e-Signature platform you use with a single touch. You can verify an e-Signed document that comes to you and needs to be processed urgently, in seconds, in the application you log in with a single hand gesture. In addition, you can ensure that only authorized people can be active and make transactions in CRM platforms and accounting applications, where critical information about the business or customers is located.

5. Make a Difference with Your Innovative Perspective That Follows Technology Closely

The importance of presentation cannot be denied when it comes to the business world. All the technologies you choose for your business actually reveal your approach to development. Unlike everyone else, you can show that you have a vision that follows all innovative processes by logging into applications with fingerprint and hand recognition technology. You can provide the highest quality experience to your users and customers by using the log in services of not only the applications you use, but also the applications you have developed with this method.

Where Is This Great Technology: Of course in ArkSigner!

At this point, you should take a look at the ArkLogin authentication solution, which is integrated into fingerprint reader and hand recognition systems. Thanks to ArkLogin, which offers you all these benefits in a single package, you can discover a technological, high-security and practical experience. Moreover, ArkLogin has many different options such as e-Government, e-Signature and mobile signature, SMS or mail verification. Let us remind you that you can also take a look at this article to discover different sectors that use ArkLogin!

You can start using ArkLogin right away by choosing the most suitable verification method for you and your business, or all of them. For detailed information, you can visit the ArkLogin product page. You can contact us for information about all other ArkSigner solutions.