The Story of a CEO Opening
a CorporateBank Account

know your customer anahtar kelimesini aratmak

Being the CEO of a company is the highest point an employee can reach in the competitive world of the private sector. The abbreviation "Chief Executive Officer" is actually translated into Turkish as "chief executive" as the most important decision maker of an institution. Today, we are telling you about a few incidents that happened on the first day that a manager who has passed all the big exams and gained enough experience, took his place as CEO. Because, with the change of the authorized signatory, it may be necessary to change the corporate bank account information. So, does our CEO have to go to the bank for this?

How Are Corporate Bank Accounts Traditionally Opened?

From corporate bank accounts to foreign exchange transactions to salary payments, many different transactions can be performed. It is also a natural process that large amounts of money flow in these accounts throughout the year. In order to open a company account in the traditional banking system, the authorized signatory of the company must go to the branch and submit the necessary documents and sign the new documents with a wet signature. The documents required to open a commercial account are:

  • Tax plate
  • Identity card of the company official
  • Trade registry gazette registration
  • Signature Circulars
  • Chamber of Commerce registration certificate

It can take almost a week to receive these documents from the institutions and start the account opening process. Not to mention the necessity to go to the branch, the endless document traffic and the transactions that have to be repeated due to lost documents. So for a CEO who is successful, cool and doesn't have much free time, traditional methods are pretty annoying!

How Does a CEO Open a Bank Account for His Company Without Leaving His Place?

Is there a way for a senior company executive to open a bank account without having to leave his place, waste time at a bank branch, or collect documents from official institutions? Technology also provides a fast and effective answer to this question. Remote authentication and secure video call technologies also create opportunities for corporate banking transactions. For this, our CEO needs to work with a bank that is truly reliable, fully equipped and has a high-tech remote customer acquisition system. Of course, these technologies must comply with all legislation. Otherwise, all transactions will have no validity.

Bir cep telefonu tutan iş kadını kurumsal banka hesap açmak için ArkSigner LiveAuth’u kullanıyor

Where Can Banks Find Customer Acquisition Technologies That Will Make CEOs Happy?

With remote authentication, which was previously only available at an individual level, legal entities can also become customers. -For detailed information on this subject, you can also take a look at our article on remote authentication in legal entities, which means that senior executives who want to open a company account can open a corporate bank account using their mobile devices, even while they are traveling. So, where is the most reliable version of these technologies?

The answer is of course in ArkSigner LiveAuth!

LiveAuth and LiveAuth Communicator solutions, developed by ArkSigner engineers and fully compliant with all regulations, offer the most effective experience for acquiring legal entities as customers. In addition to realizing the identity verification of the company official, documents such as the signature circular and commercial registry document, which are automatically withdrawn from the systems with LiveAuth, can also be digitally verified. Then, with the face verification of the authorized person, the process of meeting with the customer representative begins. Thus, neither our CEO gets tired nor the bank loses a large-scale portfolio to gain. As you can see, the LiveAuth family earns everyone.

Discover LiveAuth to bring new customers to your finance business, while minimizing the possibilities of fraud and forgery, and making your work easier with a quality technology that is fully compliant with the legislation!

For details on KYB (Know Your Business) processes, you can check our article below. Bring a whole new perspective to your secure digital journey with ArkSigner!