Let's Get to Know ArkLogin Technology
That Provides Secure Login to Digital Applications!

The technology surrounding our lives has brought with it many new concepts that were not known to humanity in previous periods. The concept of “log in” is one of them. This concept, which is translated into Turkish as "Logging in", first appeared for website memberships. Then, in parallel with the development speed of the internet, it started to be used to provide access to digital applications. The increase in the processing power of digital applications and the development of data storage features made it necessary to use secure authentication methods when logging in. Thus, there was a strong link between authentication and logging into applications. And ArkLogin, which brings a new breath to ordinary "log in" operations, is a product of this connection. Now let's get to know ArkLogin more closely with its differences and advantages!

Single-Factor Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication

Before going into details about the multi-factor authentication system ArkLogin, let's take a brief look at the features of single and multi-factor authentication systems. Single-factor authentication involves logging into digital applications with just a username and password. Simple authentication processes for logins to social media applications and website memberships are examples of single-factor transactions. In multi-factor authentication, security elements go a little higher at the user name and password level. The authentication process performed at this stage is the best choice to provide high security in databases and applications where critical information is stored.

Where Does ArkLogin Take Place in Authentication Processes?

ArkLogin is the digital equivalent of authentication used to identify individuals or institutions and provide secure access. Identity verification processes, which are made with identity documents or various questions in physical environments, can be performed using different elements in the virtual environment. The simplest form of these elements is the username and password combinations that everyone uses. ArkLogin, on the other hand, adds a few elements to these processes, increasing the security level of the processes. In addition to user name and password, additional options such as SMS and e-mail verification, electronic signature and mobile signature login, and even e-Government login in Turkey make ArkLogin much more reliable in authentication processes.

e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

What Are ArkLogin Authentication Methods?

Using ArkLogin, it is possible to log in to digital applications from both mobile and desktop devices with different methods. These methods are:

1. SMS and Mail Verification

In the SMS and e-mail verification method, an extra code is sent to the e-mail address associated with the user name or to the phone, and the user is provided to log in to the application with this code. It is also possible to encounter this authentication method in many mobile banks and e-commerce applications.

2. Verification with Electronic and Mobile Signature

Authentication with e-Signature and mobile signature, which is a method that makes ArkLogin much more practical and useful, can be performed in seconds. It is sufficient to log in to the application if the e-Signature of the person is connected to the device via wireless or USB. After entering the PIN of the valid e-Signature, the authentication process is completed.

3. T.C. Authentication by ID Card

Authenticating with an official identity document when entering applications is one of the most secure and practical methods that ArkLogin provides to users. Thanks to the ID reading process performed with wired and wireless card readers, it is possible to prefer this method especially for official applications. T.R. Another technology for authenticating with an ID card is the ArkSigner ID Card Reader. Click for product details.

4. Verification with Finger Veins

One of the safest ways to authenticate is to use biometric elements. At this point, ArkLogin creates a wide area for users with the finger vein verification method. With the fingerprint reader and user name information, you can authenticate more than one application at a time.

5. Authentication via e-Government

The feature that puts ArkLogin one step ahead of its competitors is its e-Government authentication feature. With ArkLogin and e-Government integration, it is possible to access all desired applications using an ID number and e-Government password. Moreover, it is extremely easy to connect more than one application to the entrance door with a single integration!

Do not forget to review the ArkLogin product page to log in to your applications using the method you want at once! You can also take a look at our article where we examine in detail the advantages of logging into applications with ArkLogin technology. You can also contact us for other solutions that make a difference in identity verification.