How to Use Electronic Signatures and Multi-Factor Authentication in the Health Industry?

Healthcare access is a primary global concern. Digitalization processes give people who use services and those who provide services many options. With digital transformation, you no longer have to wait in line to make an appointment, take minutes to write a prescription, or wait hours to get test results. This is because digital applications have been around for a while and are accessible at public healthcare facilities and pharmacies.

Multi-factor authentication solutions are there in almost all applications. So, it is possible to improve the quality of the service while still keeping the users safe. Also, doctors now write prescriptions electronically and sign them with an e-Sign. This is one of the most essential parts of health care. So, people can get their prescriptions from the doctor in minutes and get their medicines from the pharmacy in the same amount of time.

What are the Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions make it possible for digital transactions to be done in the safest way possible. We all know that to get into an application, you have to go through a login page and give personal information. Traditional; In other words, in single-factor authentication solutions, you can only log in to an application with a username and password. But under certain circumstances, this could lead to serious security breaches.

Accessing applications in crypto asset exchanges may not be possible with a single-factor solution, especially for government agency apps that give access to sensitive personal data, mobile banking apps where money transfers and other financial transactions are taking place, and apps that provide access to sensitive personal data. Authentication security flaws can do a lot of damage to both the organization and the user in terms of money and reputation. At this point, the most useful thing for the parties to do is to use multi-factor authentication methods. The following security elements can be used for multi-factor authentication:

  • SMS and email verification code,
  • Electronic and Mobile signature,
  • Turkish ID Card,
  • Biological data (Fingerprint, face recognition…)

Where is Multi-Factor Authentication Used in Healthcare?

Public hospitals, private hospitals, and pharmacies are all structures that work in the field of health. In light of the capacities of these structures, it is required to follow an extensive and intricate procedure for physicians to appropriately write prescriptions and deliver the pharmaceuticals to their intended recipients. These transactions, which were previously performed with health records and paper prescriptions, can now be completed through the "Recetem" application. The "Recetem" application can be used by hospital administrators, pharmacists, and doctors. Thanks to the platform, which has information about all prescriptions written in Turkey, the process is much easier for doctors, pharmacists, and people in general.

Multi-factor authentication with an electronic signature, a mobile signature, and an e-Devlet method are used to get into the Recetem application. This allows the parties to get to the information in question in a safe way. In addition, it prevents prescription information from being obtained by malicious people.

e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

How is Electronic Signature Used in Signing Prescriptions?

The e-Recete application was the first study done by the Turkish Ministry of Health to see how prescriptions could be moved to digital media. This system, which started being used in 2012, was renamed "Recetem" in 2020, and healthcare professionals were given more information about how to use electronic signatures. With Recetem, a huge part of the Turkish health system has been put online.

In "Recetem," doctors write prescriptions and sign them with an electronic signature. Then, the pharmacists look at the signed document and give the legal prescription's drugs to the right people. So, when you use an electronic signature to sign a prescription, the process is done in minutes or even seconds.

Turkish Ministry of Health Trusts ArkLogin in Prescription System!

As you can see, the digital signing and viewing service offered by healthcare institutions make everyone's job much easier who gives or gets prescriptions. Multi-factor authentication, which is used for logging in to the system, takes security to the highest level. In short, this system is suitable for healthcare institutions and those who use them.

In this field, the Turkish Ministry of Health prefers ArkLogin, a single-factor and multi-factor authentication solution made by engineers at ArkSigner. With ArkLogin, doctors and pharmacists can easily use the system because they can log in to more than one application with a single login. Click now to learn about the ArkLogin solution for logging in. your patient

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