End Complex Processes and Security Vulnerabilities in Customer Service with LiveAuth Communicator!

One of the most important parts of the new generation marketing approach is customer service, which is carried out effectively. The increase in product options and the understanding that customer behavior is one of the most critical factors in sales has led all businesses to improve customer service. Today, from the smallest enterprises to the most comprehensive companies, all businesses continue their pre-sales and after-sales marketing processes with mobile customer services.

This creates an extremely efficient process for users who can easily access support for a product or service they have purchased over the phone or computer. The freedom to make transactions remotely, especially in banks and financial institutions, provides the parties with the privilege of saving time and making practical transactions.

So, are the digital technologies used in remote customer acquisition and sales support processes always safe and convenient enough? Let's examine the issue in detail from the perspective of the business, the customer representative and the customers!

What Problems Do Businesses Face in Remote Customer Acquisition Technologies?

Of course, the most important factor for businesses in remote services is to gain customers. Performing the sale or providing a satisfactory support service to the customer regarding the actual sale. For this reason, the technologies used in remote customer acquisition processes carried out online should help businesses in terms of gaining customers. Well, let's list the possible problems in remote customer acquisition applications for businesses:

  • Technical problems in the customer's access to the call center and customer service unit
  • Possibilities of fraud and forgery arise due to vulnerabilities in identification and authentication processes
  • If the performance evaluation of the customer representative cannot be made, the service quality will decrease.
  • Failure to examine the communication between the customer and the customer representative with regular records
  • Inability to turn costly customer service processes into sales and profits
  • Loss of reputation of the business in the eyes of customers due to technical problems

When all these problems come together, it is not difficult to foresee that the business will suffer material and moral damage. This is exactly why businesses should choose the right technology in their remote customer acquisition processes. LiveAuth Communicator, which performs highly secure transactions, gathers all customer services on a single screen and provides detailed measurement of agent performance, offers businesses the best options for perfect customer acquisition.

What Problems Do Customer Representatives Face in Remote Customer Acquisition Services?

Another aspect of remote customer acquisition processes is undoubtedly call center employees; ie customer representatives. It is extremely important that customer representatives, who communicate directly with customers in sales and marketing, feel comfortable when using remote identification and video call technologies. In this way, the representative can focus entirely on the sale and service he will deliver. However, customer representatives also face many problems in the process. Let's take a quick look at these problems:

  • Complex and useless customer representative screens
  • During the negotiation phase, the identification of the customers is left only to the initiative of the customer representative and possible security vulnerabilities
  • Possibility of miscommunication with the customer in case of displaying customer information quickly and accurately
  • Decreased call quality due to glitched and stuck screens
  • Inability of the customer representative to access the information they need quickly enough
  • Long and tedious transfer processes between customer representatives due to technical reasons

Is it possible to provide quality service while the system used is causing so many problems to the customer representative? Unfortunately, no! That's why it's essential to discover LiveAuth and LiveAuth Communicator privileges as soon as possible.

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What Problems Does End User Face While Becoming a Remote Customer?

Customers are the last part of the customer service process. Remote customer acquisition technologies, which enable secure banking and financial transactions, create a very effective area of ​​use for the end user. At this point, let's remind you that you can take a look at this article, where we explain the process of a captain on the road to become a bank customer remotely!

As a result, individuals can now perform transactions at home, at work or even while traveling. The problems that the customer may encounter with these technologies are as follows:

  • Unable to access customer representative due to connection failures
  • Continuous repetition of facial recognition and identity document verification processes
  • Applications used to perform remote identification and video calls quickly drain the batteries of mobile devices.
  • During the ongoing video call, the device heats up, the image is stuck
  • Difficulties in using applications due to unfriendly interfaces

These problems can reduce customers' willingness to transact remotely. It can make the processes that should be done easier and faster than traditional methods tiring and inefficient for the end user. “What is the solution to these problems?” If so, let's repeat the answer: LiveAuth and LiveAuth Communicator!

LiveAuth and LiveAuth Communicator were developed as a solution to eliminate all the problems that business, customer representatives and customers may experience. Discover the LiveAuth family, which is the right choice for high-security identification and verification, and uninterrupted and trouble-free video calls! Click for LiveAuth demo version, try ArkSigner's secure remote customer acquisition solutions first hand!