Don't Get Bored While Waiting for the e-Signature Infrastructure Integration!
ArkSigner VIA Is Here For You!

Using electronic signature speeds up transactions, makes things more practical, and is it always that fast and practical to integrate the infrastructure to be used in applications? In some infrastructures, months of integration work may be required to bring electronic signature feature to applications. This means writing pages of code, grappling with errors and a huge waste of energy for your programmers. In the meantime, think about the documents to be signed, waiting services and lost customers piling up around the corner!

We know that no one has time to wait weeks or months for an app or a service. Well, is there a need for a complex working process that takes months to add e-Signature feature to applications? Let's answer the question right away: No, you don't need months of work for e-Signature integration. Because there is ArkSigner VIA.

Don't Have to Wait for the Seasons to Change to Start Using e-Signature

You have decided to use e-Signature for your medium or large business. How can you activate the infrastructure required for using electronic signature in applications specific to your company or institution? You must urgently select a product and mobilize the IT team for the integration of the product. How would you feel when you learned that there is an integration process that will take months for the product you have chosen? This means that there is almost a season between deciding to use an electronic signature and starting to use e-Signature.

We know you don't have time for this. For this reason, we offer you ArkSigner VIA as a ready-made product that can be integrated into applications in just 2 days. In VIA, which allows you to sign different types of digital documents completely in accordance with the legislation, you can complete the signing process in seconds. In addition, you only need to wait 2 days for the signing experience that will take seconds! Thanks to VIA, which promises an extremely easy integration process, you or your software team can have the most effective e-Signature experience without getting tired.

While Changing the e-Signature Service you use, it shouldn't take months to switch to a new order.

If there is an e-Signature service that you already use for signing Excel, PDF or Word, you must have a signing flow that you are used to and that you carry out regularly. You may want to change the e-Signature platform you use when you are uncomfortable with the slowness of the service, the fact that it requires too many steps for the signing process or the usage errors you constantly get. In such a case, imagine that the integration of the new system took months. Will document signing processes and established internal document traffic be disrupted for months?

At this point, using VIA is the best choice. Leave your existing processes for only a few days and be ready for the perfect digital signature experience. Discover the comfort of document signing by previewing documents and verifying incoming signed documents without the hassle. Moreover, have all this in just a few days and a few lines of code! Here is the real advantage for a business!

e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

Speed, Ease and High Security in Electronic Signature: ArkSigner VIA

‍Let's take a look at other features of VIA that can be easily integrated into the applications you use. Thus, let us emphasize once again how right the choice you will make is. With VIA:

  • Sign to Word, Excel, XML or PDF.
  • Preview documents instantly.
  • View changes made to an incoming document.
  • Check the validity of signatures used on documents with electronic signatures.
  • Electronic signature, mobile signature and T.R. Explore options for signing with an ID card.
  • Complete document signing in seconds.

That's how easy and enjoyable it is to sign an electronic signature with VIA! For more details on VIA, visit our product page. You can also take a look at our Corporate Signature Portal (KIP) and Central e-Signature Service (MIS) products, which you can use by integrating the VIA service to create a complete user experience.