Application Period with Identity Card for
Electricity and Natural Gas Subscriptions

Electricity, water or natural gas subscription processes can sometimes be troublesome for landlords and new tenants. The collection of documents, appointments from the authorized institution and, most importantly, longer waiting times can force applicants. So, how can improvements be made so that subscription processes are carried out more easily and in a short time? Today, we focus on how subscription applications created for basic needs can be made more practical with ID card readers.

How Do Subscription Processes Work?

Before addressing the practical scenario, let's take a look at how natural gas, water and electricity subscriptions are made today. In traditional processes, the new tenant or landlord has to apply individually to the branches of authorized institutions with the identity document, documents containing the information of the house or office. In these applications, which are mostly made by appointment, the person submits the relevant documents and identity document to the authority of the institution and waits for the process to be completed.

In the traditional method, the identity document presented is checked by the authorized person, and the name and photo matching is done by the authorized person with human power. Well; The possibility of illegal transactions with the use of forged documents exists in the traditional method. Because there is a possibility that the identity document has been imitated exactly. In this case, it is possible that the control with the human eye will be insufficient. Creating a subscription with a fake document can cause landlords and tenants to suffer and violate their rights.

How Can Improved Processes be Realized with Card Readers?

Identification processes with ID card readers are one of the most effective ways to eliminate the possibility of forgery. The fact that the card reader also reads and validates the digital data in the new generation ID card almost completely eliminates the possibility of fake identity documents. Compared to checking the submitted ID only with the human eye, card readers significantly increase the success rate in identification.

In an example scenario, we can summarize the subscription processes developed with card readers as follows. This process is extremely practical for the person who applies to the branch of an energy distribution company using a smart ID card reader, and for the employee who makes the transaction. At this point, the subscriber candidate does not have to hand over his identity to the authorized person. This creates an extremely effective solution for the security of the applicant. Moreover, contactless card readers such as the ArkSigner ID Card Reader are extremely safe in terms of hygiene.

According to the scenario, the required credentials to apply are read by the card reader and instantly displayed on the official's mobile or desktop device. After the authorized checks, the validity of the identity document is proven within seconds. After receiving the guarantee that the transaction is made with a valid ID card, the process passes to the signing of the subscription agreement in a short time. Here is the majority of the application process completed in just a few minutes!

e-İmza altyapısı fiyatları

Can Subscription Agreements be Signed with an Identity Card?

ID card readers, which provide practicality and convenience during the application, can speed up the process considerably with the features of signing with the ID card. Moreover, at this stage, in addition to the simple e-Signature certificate found in all new identity cards, it is also possible to sign with the qualified certificate loaded on the card later. ID card readers not only perform identity verification, but also allow the signing of a contract for the legal completion of the subscription application.

As you can see, it is not difficult at all to create a new era with revolutionary ID card readers for service users and service providers in the energy distribution sector. You can also choose ArkSigner for high security ID card readers that combine all these benefits. You can experience the privilege of being one step ahead in the industry by discovering the ArkSigner ID Card Reader, which has contact and contactless usage features and can connect mobile devices with BLE.

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