A Look at the Concept of BaaS
(Biometrics as a Service)

The fascinating development process that started with the Industrial Revolution started a historical journey from analog to digital, from digital to artificial intelligence. This process continues rapidly today. It is also possible to say that the Web 3.0 era is rapidly evolving into a robotic era. Now humanity can do all their work digitally. Moreover, these processes involve the use and development of human-specific elements.

In the process of the adventure that lasted until this century, the internet was first introduced. Then, the interactive internet era with social media began. The interactive internet has brought a new perspective to all known traditional methods. Now anyone can transact at the corporate level without even leaving their home. From banking to electronic commerce, meetings and even museum tours, a wide network of transactions is now just at your fingertips.

In the world of technology rising at the fingertips of humanity, we are faced with a new concept that emerged as a result of the new understanding of digital security: BaaS. Let's briefly examine the concept of BaaS, which stands for "Biometrics as a Service", in terms of digital authentication and cyber security.

What Exactly Does BaaS (Biometrics as a Service) Mean?

To understand the concept of BaaS, let's first take a look at a more common usage. SaaS; In other words, the concept of Software as a Service and BaaS are actually two concepts that are similar to each other. SaaS is described as a business process in which software is turned into a service and usage is automated automatically. This concept is actually the source of a wide industry.

BaaS, on the other hand, was put forward to represent a process in which it creates services for users who are given biometrics. At this point, the greatest power of biometric data comes, of course, in ensuring transaction security. Biometric data is human-specific data such as facial recognition, fingerprint, finger vein print, voice. In other words, using this data for the operation of the software, completing the process or continuing the process and bringing this data to a position to serve the user is expressed as BaaS. Situations such as the user's accessing bank accounts with face scanning, connecting to customer services, providing office entries via fingerprint reading, opening devices with voice commands are actually proofs of the existence of BaaS in our lives.

What are the Advantages of Using Biometric Data as a Service Tool?

Today, security is provided with single-factor or multi-factor authentication methods for accessing digital platforms. As with remote transactions, different technologies can be used during on-site authentication. The most common of these are methods such as user name, password information, chip card reading. However, different user names and passwords, specially defined cards and chips are used in each of them. However, the element that provides security within the scope of BaaS is actually the person himself.

The use of biometric data as a security element also eliminates the possibility of forgery. It is not possible for other users to use unique fingerprint, eye retina scan, face and finger vein data. This ensures that no one other than the authorized user can access a digital or real area that requires high security.

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What is the Relationship Between Authentication Solutions and BaaS?

The concept of BaaS is actually a concept that conceptually brings together and expands the general perspective of identification and verification processes. Biometric data is used in advanced authentication processes, especially in digital. It is extremely safe to use biometric login methods in remote customer acquisition processes, online meetings or logins to applications in banks and financial institutions. In this respect, BaaS and authentication solutions promise a new development area that includes each other. High security, undeniability and ease of use are the elements that make these two areas inseparable.

ArkSigner Solutions is the Pioneer of BaaS in Turkey!

At this point, we recommend that you take a look at the two ArkSigner solutions that already use BaaS effectively. The first is the remote customer acquisition solutions LiveAuth and LiveAuth Commnicator. LiveAuth, where face verification is performed after identification document detection, is one of the best examples of BaaS. Artificial intelligence supported instant face matching technology and Communicator, which provides secure video calls, is one of the most advanced examples of its kind.

Another example solution for BaaS is ArkLogin, a secure login method to applications! ArkLogin solution offers users the opportunity to log in via face recognition, fingerprint and finger vein print. Thanks to this practical and highly secure solution, it is also possible to access multiple connected applications at once.